A simple off-site needs analysis assessment plus Site Visit/Talk plus Strategic input

Needs Analysis

For a simple off-site needs analysis assessment by Trevor you (the primary decision-maker) will be required to provide your own brief synopsis of your business/project, including an explanation of your wants, needs & wish-list for the business/project, why you’re asking Trevor to look at it, and highlight what you believe to be your primary challenge/s that you look to address. Trevor will provide relevant comment in return.


Site Visit/Talk

Should you wish Trevor to conduct a site visit and/or a talk for your key staff, Trevor will allocate 90-minutes at your site.

Strategic Input

A further 90-minutes of intense strategic input provided by Trevor, based upon preliminary needs analysis and generally conducted immediately after the Site Visit/Talk.


Please Note: Fees to be deposited prior to commencement of service – your trust is accepted with thanks in appreciation of your commitment.

Travel (including travel time – to be quoted dependent on distance) and/or accommodation will be for your account.


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