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You’re an established, serious business operator with the constant nagging frustration that you’re leaving a fortune on the table. No-one understand your business like YOU do. No-one has the same passion that YOU have. No-one is as driven as YOU are. People around you are all talk and no action. It seems that you have to carry the whole load. Yet, you pay your staff a small fortune to deliver & make things happen. Frustrating!

We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We’ve got all the t-shirts in the real world of business! DO as WE DO

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We know that no two business are ever the same. We know that YOUR BUSINESS has unique challenges. We know that you have internal challenges, people issues, a need to innovate and make changes. Every business has challenges. We know that the market is tough out there. It’s always been tough out there. We cut our teeth out there.
  • Your Business is UNIQUE
  • Unique challenges need UNIQUE solutions
  • We are UNIQUE. Every solution is UNIQUE

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Business Consulting

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social media marketing

market research

mergers & acquisitions

project development

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Fourth industrial revolution


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‘In my experience, no two businesses and no two challenges are ever the same. Every challenge is unique to quality business owners with substantially differing inputs. Our function is to lend widespread experience to objectively assessing your unique situation, analysing your needs, and proposing solutions for implementation.’ – Trevor Nel

world class results

‘Today we are a household name, generating over R1 billion revenue’ LRA

built for speed

‘Speed of implementation is a key factor of their success’ CEO:LEIGH HARRISON

innovation & energy

‘I have never come across this kind of energy’ CHAIRMAN: SABELO MAHLALELA


‘Well-deserved reputation as the guru of entrepreneurship’ PROF. TOM LAMBERT

treasured testimonial

Centre for Consulting Excellence

‘Combining as he does a total commitment to the development of Africa, unbounded energy and creativity with a well-deserved reputation as the guru of entrepreneurship, Trevor Nel is invariably the man to get things done. It is not a mere matter of results with Trevor, but a more consistent theme of the best results, in the shortest possible time at the most economic cost.’ – Professor Tom Lambert (deceased): Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; Chairman & Global President – The International Centre for Consulting Excellence


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